Naples: Italy’s pizza capital ups the temptation

da: The Independent

Previously tarnished by associations with litter and crime, this seductive seaside city is cleaning up its act

‘Naples is like Rio de Janeiro. It’s like Caracas. You get the best and the worst. There’s no in between.”

I am sitting in 50 Kalo, a new pizzeria in the heart of the well-heeled Chiaia neighbourhood, with Maurizio Cortese, the effusive local consultant who helped open the restaurant. It’s Thursday night and there is a queue of young Neapolitans outside. It’s not bad for somewhere that only opened in February, especially considering the fierce competition it faces.
After all, this is a city that protects its most famous export via an association that certifies the genuine article. Look out for Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana signs outside pizzerias – 50 Kalo is one of them.Born and bred in Naples, Maurizio is explaining the city’s insalubrious reputation. “It makes me sad,” he says. “Because Naples has a bad name.”

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