Entrepreneur, journalist and gastronomic consultant. My cultural and professional training is the natural consequence of my childhood, my travels, but above all the great friendship that binds me to the chef Alfonso Iaccarino.

To him I owe my passion for good food, the lively curiosity to discover places, aromas and flavors, the continuous desire to live sensory and hedonistic experiences that nourish the spirit through a cuisine that combines style and evolution. I love wandering around starry kitchens, but also trattorias that preserve the roots and recipes of memory.

Experiences that I periodically report in trade magazines such as Dissapore , Lucianopignataro wineblog , the prestigious Swedish magazine Fool , the yellow duck di Stefano Bonilli , inventor of the Gambero Rosso guides and the thematic channel on Sky, with who in 2011 founded the editorial project gastronomic gazette .

Always with the aim of spreading the gastronomic culture I have organized events of international interest.

The debut ten years ago in my country house , for many a watershed in the world of pizza, brought together pizza makers of the caliber of Enzo Coccia, Gino Sorbillo and a then unknown Franco Pepe with starred chefs such as Alfonso Iaccarino and food critics, including Luigi Cremona and Stefano Bonilli. With Stefano Bonilli I would have given life to three decisive kermesse on the food scene: a “two days” to discover the excellence of the Alto Casertano; 'Pasta in Gragnano and 'A pizza in Vico Equense, with the blessing of the founder of Slow Food , Carlo Petrini.

With our friend Luciano Pignataro, however, we set up an important conference on cooking of Neapolitan pizza and, for the Gragnano Pasta Consortium, in addition to the traditional feast of pasta , three editions of ' Pasta in Spiaggia '.

Among the initiatives that I am honored to have represented, I cannot fail to mention the presentation, in Naples, of the two editorial projects of the great chef Massimo Bottura : ' Come to Italy with me 'e' I Bread is Gold '; and in Castel di Sangro a forum on healthy eating with the president of Calcio Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Hand in hand with my gastronomic career, until 2015, I worked in the building supplies sector, with particular attention to the hotel sector, founding the agency 'Promo Service sas' - collaborating with the best designers and leading Italian companies of design - to then enrich my professional experience, from 2016 to 2019, with the position of director of the Consortium for the Protection of Gragnano PGI Pasta.

Finally in 2018 I joined the company structure of VitignoItalia , one of the most successful Italian wine festivals.


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